Sabion Sfîntu Gheorghe

Dear friends, it is a great joy to announce that a new Sabion store was added to the list of the existing ones. Thus, starting this week Sabion Sfîntu George is open in Sugas shopping center, located right in the center on the city.

The Sabion artists created this time also, a space with a distinct visual identity. Adapting to the imposition dictated by space shape, they offered to the public eye a very light, easy, simple, elegant and at the same time, colourful visual. “It is a space invaded by light, colour, extraordinary simplicity, simplicity as complex form of artistic expression” said Claudiu Bologa, founder of The Sabion Jewelry House. New collections of jewelry were launched at this opening, handmade rings, beautiful engagement rings, natural stone jewelry sets, bracelets with message – all waiting for you at the Sabion store in Sfîntu George.

Str. Grof Miko Imre nr. 6
Tel: 0372.747.485


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