According to this contract, the CLIENT shall receive legal guarantee of conformity as it is stipulated by the provisions of Chapter VI of Law 449/2003 referring to the sale of products and associated guarantees, as well as all the rights and guarantees established in the consumer’s favour by the provisions of ORDINANCE No. 21/1992, on the protection of consumers.

The guarantee offered on the basis of this contract concerns all the purchased jewels with or without precious stones, as well as precious metal products.

The warranty period for products provided under this certificate of guarantee is 2 years, which period shall be calculated from the date of delivery of the product.

During the period of guarantee, the CUSTOMER enjoys the following rights:

  • The right to benefit of products complying with the technical specifications contained by this Contract and ORDER FORM
  • the right to having products brought into conformity free of charge, by repair or replacement, according to the customer’s written choice, except where this requirement is impossible or disproportionate.
  • the right to replacement or repair of the product if the situation requires so, under the conditions provided by law.
  • the right to be protected against the risk of acquiring a product or a service that might affect the lives, health or safety or of impairing their rights and legitimate interests.
  • The right to be fully, correctly and accurately informed, on the essential characteristics of the goods and services, so that the decision taken in this respect would best correspond to the needs of CUSTOMERS, and to be educated in their role as CUSTOMERS. In this regard, prior to any orders, customers may require additional information at Sabion Info Line (0265) 265.732 (M-F 8.00-16.00), at the e-mail address: or by means of the contact form available on
  • In the commercial warranty period, the CUSTOMER benefits from a number of services free of charge, which include enlargement or reduction of purchased jewelry.

The rights conferred by law to the CUSTOMER shall not be affected in any way by the guarantee offered by S.C. SABION ELEN S.R.L., as SELLER, in favour of the CUSTOMER.

The rights enjoyed by the CUSTOMER during the period of guarantee will be implemented by him only if the CUSTOMER informs S.C. SABION ELEN S.R.L. about the detected non-conformities/deficiencies within a period of 2 months from the date of their observation. The legal guarantee of conformity the CUSTOMER enjoys according to this contract, shall not preclude the legal guarantee for hidden defects, stipulated in the provisions of the Civil Code.

Conditions for application of guarantee

For being able to exercise the rights conferred by the Certificate of Guarantee, the CUSTOMER is obliged to accompany any complaint or request for repair, with the Certificate of Guarantee delivered with the product.

In case of fitting, complaints or defects, jewelry shall be taken to the service units of the SELLER, as follows: the main service unit of SC SABION ELEN SRL is: Sabion Workshops from Tg. Mures, Bolyai str., no. 20., but the CUSTOMER can request repair in any of the Sabion stores in the country operated by SC SABION ELEN SRL, claims will be honoured with the rights conferred by this certificate of guarantee.

These services are retrieved and carried out within a maximum of 28 working days following the date of delivery.

Causes that result in loss of guarantee

The CUSTOMER may lose the guarantee constituted in this certificate of guarantee if he is responsible for committing the actions/non-actions as follows:

  • failure to comply with instructions for use and care of the acquired product, as are mentioned in this agreement.
  • If works of repair/modification are carried out on the purchased products by the customer personally or by means of an unauthorized person or in other than the SELLER’S workshops, as they were indicated in this contract.
  • S.C. SABION ELEN S.R.L. does not assume any responsibility for the problems that may arise due to mechanical factors
  • the loss of this contract/guarantee
  • In case the SELLER is not informed about the lack of conformity/deficiencies of the purchased products within 2 months from the date of purchase.