Manufacturing jewelry requires skill, talent, patience and above all, passion. Jewelry, regarded as a vocation, is one of those that is done with dedication, carefulness and rises as an inner call towards art. Unfortunately, just like any other handicraft, jewelry are subject to transformations like mechanization and replacing “hand” and the old processing techniques with new, more efficient technologies.

What the machines fail to ever replace, is that morsel of the artist’s soul which is placed in each of the work coming out of his hands.

This is the jeweler craft.

Over time, we surrounded ourselves in the Sabion Workshops by a growing number of jeweler artists, passionate jewelry designers. Thanks to them we can provide a service that is increasingly rare in our country and in the world: creating customized jewelry.

Have you desired for a very long time a certain model of jewelry, with a certain gem and have not managed to find a reliable workshop to carry it out for you, or were you thinking that no custom-made work is being done in the world of jewelry anymore?

Let your imagination run wild, be the creator of your own design, and get in touch right now with a Sabion advisor.

Fill out the form below, upload a sketch made by you, or describe the desired aspect, which one you wish, and together we will create something truly unique and spectacular.