Starting with autumn this year, Sabion Galleries can be located on Victoriei Avenue 68 – 70.

In an endeavour to restore the entitling of art given to jewelry creations, we devised this store exactly like an art gallery, a new concept, unique in the world, and completely different from what everybody conveniently calls, in a grave process of limitation, “jewelry store”.

Starting from this premise precisely, we tried to offer this place an original style and a new standard in planning, interior design, exhibition, advising clients and selling jewelry, to ensure a nonconformist look through the elegance of the environment.

In the last years, Sabion history included the launching in Romania of several luxury stores, impressive by means of interior architecture of the spaces and luxury addressed in planning as a presentation method of jewelry which is in limited series and unique. This process needed to evolve naturally towards the capital city, through a concept store as the interface of jewelry exclusiveness created by Sabion and in its completion were pursued three major directions: innovation, fashion and history.

Another major aspect was that the artistic direction and philosophy of the company to be found contained in the concept of this store. The fact that we operate on a segment devoted to the arts and beauty, that every day we create something new, that we are given the chance to bring innovations in jewelry, that we express ourselves through and with the help of artists, had to be exploited and be reflected in the approach of the space.


Follow the Sabion website and be up to date with the surprises we prepared for you at the new location of Sabion Galleries.

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