Quality improvement has become a priority for us since the beginning of our activity, providing specialized programs, implementation of international standards or following the courses of prestigious schools in the jewelry world.

ISO Certification

We are pleased to announce that at the Sabion Jewelry House we use quality systems as a method for ensuring consistency, product and service compliance with a series of standards or customer expectations, and since 2008 we detain ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates.

Obtaining ISO 9001 certification provides the argument offered to our customers, that the company operates in the agreement and on the basis of internationally recognized quality system and ISO 14001 certification ensures that customers can trust to minimize environmental impact through active processes, products, and services.

GIA Accreditation

The Gemological Institute of America is the most famous educational institution in the world of jewelry and gemology, preparing for decades specialists worldwide.

Sabion team members are graduates of this institute, within the Professional Jeweler and Gemologist Program, and the GIA Alumni logo, displayed at the entrance to all Sabion stores certifies this fact.