Jewelry created by Sabion can be defined in two words: “Family Jewelry”, this concept summing up the eternity of love and the noblest of sentiments, passed from one generation to another.

It is detached from the history of the old or new families for which engagement, wedding, baptism, wedding anniversary or other important moments are marked by special jewelry, which then gifted to descendants, shall establish beside the value of investment, an invaluable emotional legacy.

To wear the jewelry on your chest given by your grandparents on the day you came into the world, or to be able to put on the finger of your beloved, on marriage proposal day, the ring your father proposed to your mother with, are all mirroring what is important in life.

Sabion means:

  • Complete collections of gold jewelry with precious and natural stones
  • The widest range of wedding bands:
  • 14K, 18K Gold Wedding Bands
  • Diamond Wedding Bands
  • Custom-made Wedding Bands
  • Platinum Wedding Bands
  • Tantalum and Gold Wedding Bands
  • Silver Anniversary Wedding Bands
  • The widest range of Engagement Rings
  • Global innovation in Gold and Tantalum Jewelry
  • Collection dedicated to hunting enthusiasts
  • Collection for newborns
  • Author Works
  • Creations made following customer requests
  • Designers and goldsmith artists
  • Jewelry of the most famous Romanian jeweler: Gianni Lazzaro
  • The Most Beautiful Store In The World in 2011
  • The finest selection of watches, writing instruments and leather accessories
  • Professional Counseling
  • Private counseling program – Personal Jeweler
  • Impeccable services of restoration and high precision repair
  • Customer loyalty reward programs
  • Gemological Institute of America” Accreditation
  • Investment in gold
  • Emblem: made in Romania
  • Sabion Foundation