Tantalum – Presentation

We might observe, without being experts in the field, that in the world of jewelry manufacturing, the manner in which it has evolved in the last hundred years, the possibilities of artistic expression in terms of the materials used is quite limited. It is so limited that the evolution of materials in the world of jewelry has hardly suffered any changes since the first alloying of gold into white gold. However, those that occurred did not have the magnitude of revolutions. It is very true that Mendeleev’s chart is limited as well.

With the exception of gold, silver and platinum, there are only a few metals that have been found in jewelry throughout history. Even the most recently used ones: stainless steel, which is considered to be a representative of current fashion and titanium-used for its anti-allergenic properties, have been overwhelmed by the requirements of their association with a precious metal.

Gold imposes by its extraordinary properties and its associations with a metal that has at least uncommon features, while the combinations of the two produce a new dimension in the world of jewels and more than that, leading to one of the major innovations brought to jewelry manufacturing.

As the artistic view is always present in the soul of an artist, the desire to identify this metal, to study and transpose it into a piece of jewelry, explains the determination of gold manufacturers, who, for several years, have long studied methods of alloying, melting, processing and combining this metal with gold.

Willingness to experiment and to express themselves in a unique way is in the nature of artists, is somewhat an impulse driven by the polyvalency which characterizes any artist who does not want to die between the constraints imposed by certain materials and techniques. The closure of horizons of imagination means artistic failure.

Thus it has been discovered that tantalum chromatically offers, what is desired from a metal: a metallic, natural black. If only it had been as simple as that! We realized that tantalum is a metal with strong personality, which can be transposed only in simplistic forms, being limited by the technological barriers independent from the artist’s will.

It has just been found out by the jeweler that from the viewpoint of visual expression, tantalum can be rendered in a simplistic form. The good news is that this metal still has many secrets that have not been discovered yet. This increases its aura of mystery, makes the challenge of its discovery even more ardent.

The result of the efforts in the form of numerous working hours is now extremely beautifully rendered by means of a unique jewelry collection.

A series of innovative items can be found in the collection of gold jewelry with tantalum:

  • On the one hand the technique itself. The procedure of processing is developed on the basis of their own knowledge and skills according to a recipe researched in the Sabion Production and Research Workshops, by a team led by Adrian Bobletec.
  • For the first time in history, tantalum can be found alongside gold in jewelry manufacturing. Sabion Jewelry House welcomes those art lovers who are looking for this innovative mixture. It’s basically a new breath into the world of jewelry making.

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