Custom-made jewelry?

Have you desired for a very long time a certain model of jewelry, with a certain gem and have not managed to find a reliable workshop to carry it out for you, or were you thinking that no custom-made work is being done in the world of jewelry anymore?

Let your imagination run wild, be the creator of your own design, and get in touch right now with a Sabion advisor.

Special Orders?

Goblets, silverware items, accessories for baptism, spoons, boxes of precious metal for storing the hair bundle, candlesticks, special gifts for important events, protocol objects or any other special order finds a solution at Sabion Workshops .

Advice on jewelry?

For us, jewelry represents the universe of the world in which we operate. We love jewelry art, we are passionate about the world of gemology and we are here to answer any questions relating to this area, about accessorizing, how to wear and care for jewelry, information about gems, jewelry styles or solutions for inherited jewelry restoration.

All the answers are here.

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