The Personal Jeweler is a personal advisor dedicated to assist in wise purchases of jewelry and luxury. The idea of a personal jeweler, is not one invented by us. Over the centuries there have been royalty jewelers, members of social high class, who enjoyed the advice of such specialists and in the interwar period, the personal jeweler, the shoemaker, the hatter, the barber, the doctor, the banker, the priest and the personal tailor, represented the trustees of their branch in whose word people had full confidence.

The personal jeweler is similar to other professions important by the nature of their services, as listed above, but mostly as daily necessity for luxurious products customers, who are, most times, active people, involved in many projects, and their time is very often carefully divided to the minute and do not have the necessary time to reach the stores.

Whether it is a family doctor, an insurance agent, a personal tailor, a banker, a broker or a personal stylist, these are all people who already know your needs, requirements, and are often at your disposal after a simple phone call.

This is the Personal Jeweler – our assistant in jewelry services.

Benefits of this personalized service

  • Discretion.
  • Intimacy – Jewels and luxury services come to the customer.
  • Flexibility and time saving.
  • Personalized shopping experience.
  • Availability 24/24. Personal Jeweler assistance at any time of day, by phone or by mail according to customer conveniences on any topic related to jewelry and accessories.
  • Complete package of services:
  • Advice and analysis in the field of jewelry and luxury accessories.
  • Anything can include the notion of luxury jewelry. (unique jewelry, custom-made, remarkable works, special orders, artists, jewelers)
  • Gems and their investment value.
  • Booked services.
  • Restorations.
  • Gold investment.
  • No prior contract, no obligation.
  • The unique aspect. This service is not available at the store.
  • Recommendations of luxury products from: watches, writing instruments, leather accessories, pendulum clocks, desk clocks, music boxes, etc.
  • Preferential access to collections of jewelry and accessories before launching them in the store.
  • Meetings intended for viewing jewelry in exclusive places.
  • Information targeted on customer requirements through meetings, letters, e-mails.