Until now you were forced to run to many places in order to supply your jewelry store, with everything that the clients offered and we are convinced that you did not always found what you were looking for, the newest models and the best quality. Well, from now on, with a simple visit to Târgu Mures, your problems are over, because in our stock you will find everything you need for your jewelry store. Of the many reasons why you should choose Sabion, some of them are listed below:

  1. GEOGRAPHIC ACCESS. Given the geographic location, just in the center of the country, Târgu Mures is an easily accessible city from any geographical area of the country. This is an advantage in terms of time and material resources saved.
  2. STOCKS. Availability in stock of a wide range of exclusive jewelry, own production and imports from EU countries, you have the possibility to please the customer with minimum effort.
    • Over 700 models of empty and full necklaces
    • Hundreds of pairs of earrings with diverse clasps: box clasp, hook and eye clasp, lobster clasp / parrot clasp, magnetic clasp, slide lock clasp or tube bar clasp.
    • Children’s earrings
    • The widest range of rings
    • Excellent representation of collections of necklaces
    • Remarkable models of tie pins, cufflinks, brooches, pendants
    • Piercings
    • Jewelry sets consisting of rings, earrings and pendants, with or without stones
    • Empty or full bracelets, bangles or in-line bracelets
    • Jewelry with precious and natural stones
    • Gold Jewelry 585 and 750.
  4. WEDDING BANDS IN STOCK: Wedding bands are permanently in stock and they are delivered in 2-3 days after placing the order, with the possibility of customization.
  5. PRICES starting 3,3 euros up to 10 euros.
  6. DISCOUNTS dedicated to each client according to the quantities purchased and collaboration status.
  7. LOSS OF POCESSING: is between 7% melting and 8% fragments.
  8. CLEVER SELECTIONS: The possibility of choosing from products with the highest rate of selling, after a direct contact with a well trained and experienced staff. Thus you are up to date with innovations in the field.
  9. BUY BACK: The possibility of returning certain types of jewelry with manufacturing defects or those that proved to be unsalable.
  10. REPAIRS. The possibility of a good collaboration regarding jewelry repair in Sabion Workshops.
  11. COUNCELING: We offer counceling services supervised by personnel accredited by the Gemological Institute of America, both for you and your staff.
  12. KNOW – HOW. If this domain is unknown to you and you wish counceling, our specialists can help you. Our wide range of jewelry will cover all demands in the store you are about to launch. Counceling can cover areas like: space furnishing, supplying the necessary documents, so that activity is carried out in the best conditions.
  13. WE COME TO YOU. Our delegates are at your disposal according to prior agreement.
  14. CONFIDENTIALITY. SC Sabion Elen SRL engages to keep the confidential character of any data provided by you and not to reveal these to any personal interest or any third party.
  15. PRIVATE OFFICES are at your disposal at Sabion, ensuring privacy and confidentiality of transactions.
  16. CONSUMABLES. Given the complexity of this area, the needs of this activity are essential. Therefore we offer:CONSUMABLES: reactives, polishing cloth for jewelry, gold test stone, electronic scales, ring sizers, jewelry gift wrap, bust display.
  17. MARKING: Jewelry are to be hall-marked under applicable law.
  18. ISO CERTIFICATION. Sabion detains Certifications ISO 9001 and ISO 140001.
  19. LEGAL COUNCELING. Everything that is new in matters of legislation in the field, you can find out at Sabion Legal Department.
  20. EXPERIENCE. Success in developing our own network of internationally awarded stores, is the best recommendation about Sabion.
  21. COMMUNICATION. Possibilities to place the order: via our delegates, email, fax or telephone.
  22. SYNTHETIC STONES OFFER. Carefully selected stones in an extraordinary mixture of quality and shapes.
  23. ISSUING THE CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY. Purchased jewelry are invariably accompanied by Certificates of Conformity.
  24. MINIMUM QUANTITY: 100 gr. We understand that every big business was once a small business. We all started somewhere from below.
  25. MEMBERS OF ROMANIAN JEWELERS PATRONAGE. Sabion management board is part of the Romanian Jewelers Patronage.
  26. STAFF TRAINING. At the request of our collaborators, we ensure staff training in modules divided into levels of competence, jewelry sales consultants, store managers and jewelers. Training courses are developed by Counselors accredited by the Gemological Institute of America.

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