Sabion Workshops is where artisans build the atmosphere and spirit of the brand, getting inspired with patience and expertise from the precious metals which have risen jewelry to the level of art, from the fascination of precious and natural stones, making technical drawings, checking angles symmetry, analyzing how light is captured and refracted, passing jewelry through the hands of so many talented jewelers, chiselers, goldsmiths and lapidaries, finishing manually all the jewelry to the finest detail, doing research on new metals and their unique combinations.

Everything starts with an idea, it goes through the filter of designers, through the experienced eyes of the gemologist, enters into the process of creation and then through the hands of those who complete the work, transforming the metal into jewelry.

Each jewel coming out of their hands is accompanied by a story and is designed to provide a state to charge you with positive emotion. They are manufactured jewelry, reflecting the skills, wisdom and experience of jeweler craftsmen who have passed on their skills and techniques from generation to generation. This is the only way that an inextricable link between jewel and the person who will wear it, can be created.